Welcome to The ALTARnative!

​We are a daughter and dad design team. Lisa has worked in the wedding industry for 10 years as a makeup artist and likes to live vicariously through each of her brides. Alan is a stained glass artisan and craftsman of 40+ years. Lisa knows what's trending and important to couples, Alan knows how to build cool things. Together, they dream up unique concepts and bring them to life. 

We are known for our truly one-of-a-kind pieces! When first starting, Lisa asked Alan to build a hexagon backdrop. Her dad looked at her and asked in all seriousness "Why would we build something that has already been done?" That question was essential to establishing their vision and signature design style. 

No request is too small or too big, too basic or too complicated. These two are quick to brainstorm, enthusiastic in their endeavors and genuinely excited to participate in the event process. They'd be honored to lend a creative hand by designing a custom piece or help by pointing you in the direction of their available inventory. 


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Insta: @The_ALTARnative